Gallaudet commissioned research studies on the ASLPI to:

  • investigate and document validity and reliability of the ASLPI (current state);
  • identify best-practices and standards for language assessments that can be applied to the ASLPI;
  • identify the gap between current and desired states and make recommendations to improve the ASLPI process and psychometrics (if needed).

Importance of Research:

  • Documenting current level of success
  • Test improvement Legal defensibility
    • Validity, accuracy, and reliability
    • User experience
    • Tester training
  • Compliance with various standards
  • Psychometrics are reviewed (e.g., ACE credit)
  • Marketability/PR
  • Contribution to research
  • Leadership role in setting standard for ASL testing

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American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI)

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