Areas of Study


ACC-100 Accounting for Non-Majors

In the real world, accounting is the language of business. Whether students will keep the book for their own small business, Working with nonprofit organization...


ACC-195 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for freshmen. Students may enroll in 195 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ

ACC-195 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ACC-201 Financial Accounting I

This course introduces students to basic financial accounting theory and practice. It teaches students the knowledge and tools to identify and record business activities and...


ACC-202 Financial Accounting II

As the second part of introduction to Financial Accounting, this course provides a detailed coverage of long-term liabilities, long-lived assets, stockholder's equity, investments, cash flows,...


ACC-203 Managerial Accounting

Management (or Managerial) Accounting comprises financial and nonfinancial information intended to meet internal users' needs. It involves the development and interpretation of accounting information intended...


ACC-295 Special Topics

Special Topics in the discipline, designed primarily for sophomores. Students may enroll in 295 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

ACC-295 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ACC-301 Intermediate Accounting I

This is the first part of a two-semester sequence. This course is a continuation of the study of accounting principles with in-depth coverage of theoretical...


ACC-302 Intermediate Accounting II

This is the second part of a two-semester sequence. This course emphasizes various accounting techniques for inventory, tangible and intangible assets, liabilities, equity, and investment...


ACC-321 Managerial Cost Accounting

Study of concepts, techniques and principles of cost and management accounting. The use of accounting data for managerial decision making, planning, and control.. Topics include...


ACC-331 Income Tax Accounting

Study of federal income taxation of individuals and their impact on personal and business financial decision making. Topics include: concepts of gross income, deductions, tax...


ACC-350 Non-Profit Organization Accounting

Course covers the accounting concepts used in governmental units and other not-for-profit organizations such as hospitals, voluntary health and welfare organizations, and others. Emphasis will...


ACC-395 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for juniors. Students may enroll in 395 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

ACC-395 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ACC-401 Advanced Accounting

This course explores in depth the financial concepts used by the Accounting profession for partnerships, business combinations and consolidated financial statements, bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization,...


ACC-402 Current Accounting Theory

This course studies and analyzes current accounting thought as reflected in leading professional and accounting research reports.


ACC-421 Advanced Cost Accounting

Advanced level cost accounting with emphasis on integration of managerial aspects of accounting internal record-keeping, business and managerial functions of decision making, planning, and control....


ACC-441 Auditing

An introductory course covering both the concepts and procedures that the auditor must know and follow. The course attempts to give students a comprehensive, one...

ACC-441 Auditing

Credit 3


ACC-442 Accounting Information Systems

This course provides an opportunity for accounting majors to learn, study, and apply computerized accounting methods. It is designed to introduce students to accounting systems...


ACC-461 International Accounting

The course studies how accounting is practiced in different countries around the world, and students will learn to compare the differences in financial reporting, taxation...


ACC-495 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for seniors who are majors or minors. Students may enroll in 495 Special Topics multiple times, as long...

ACC-495 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ACC-499 Independent Study

Intensive supervised study and research on topics of the student's selection.

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