Five Schools

Pursue Your Passion

Study across disciplines; solve real-world issues as a part of a diverse university.

Pursue your passion, further your education, or grow your professional skills with any schools at Gallaudet. With 30 undergraduate majors (including a self-directed major) and 33 minors, and 25+ graduate majors, there’s no limit to where you’ll go from here. 

School of Arts and Humanities

Embrace the human experience, express yourself, and contribute to the cultural dialogue in the School of Arts and Humanities. With majors and minors in Art, Deaf Studies, History, International Studies, Philosophy, Religion, and Theater Arts, we can’t wait to see what you will bring to the table.

Meet the School Director

Teresa Burke

School of Civic Leadership, Business, and Social Change

Learn what it takes to build a business, become a leader, and impact society at the School of Civic Leadership, Business, and Social Change. Lead the way in Accounting, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Economics and Finance, Government, Risk Management and Insurance, Social Work, and Sociology.

Meet the School Director

Emilia Chukwuma

School of Human Services and Sciences

The School of Human Services and Sciences provides a dynamic learning environment committed to excellence in curriculum, research leadership, and preparing graduates to work with deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing clients to solve global challenges and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion for all humans.


Meet the School Director

Daniel Koo

School of Language, Education, and Culture

Become an agent for positive change and increase the number of deaf and hard of hearing professionals solving global challenges. Discover the possibilities with majors and minors in American Sign Language, English, International Development, Interpretation, Linguistics, and World Languages and Cultures.

Meet the School Director

Helen Thumann

School of Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, And Public Health (STAMP)

Discover your role in the ever-evolving world of science and technology at the School of STAMP. See where you fit in among our Biology, Chemistry, Information Technology, Mathematics, and Public Health majors and minors.

Meet the School Director

Daniel Lundberg