You Have Received Your Acceptance Letter

After you have been notified of your eligibility in writing, usually by email, you are considered registered with OSWD. You are also considered a documented student with a disability at Gallaudet, and entitled to receive accommodations and services.

In your acceptance letter you will be assigned an OSWD coordinator, who is your usual contact person for working with OSWD.

Make Initial Appointment with Disabilities Coordinator

As soon as you can after you have received your acceptance letter, contact your OSWD coordinator and make a first appointment to talk, either in person, through VP, or online video conferencing. Your coordinator will discuss with you the nature of your disability and possible accommodations. Together you will decide on your approved accommodations.

Student Accommodation Letter

Once you have established your accommodations with your OSWD coordinator, you will receive near the beginning of each term a Student Accommodation Letter from OSWD, usually via email, that specifies what accommodations you are eligible for. You should share this letter with each professor you are taking a course from, and discuss how your accommodations will be implemented.

If questions or problems come up with establishing your accommodations, get in touch right away with your OSWD coordinator so that the issue can be resolved quickly.

Keep in Touch with OSWD

We recommend that you talk with your OSWD coordinator at least two times each term, once near the beginning of the term and once near the middle, to assess how things are going and to head off possible issues before they become serious problems. Of course, you should contact your OSWD coordinator any time you have a problem or issue that’s come up and you need help that OSWD can provide.

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