Inclusivity for all

Belonging and Equity

Taking Action Together

Gallaudet is taking action to eradicate racism through system transformation and personal growth to ensure Gallaudet is a place where all people feel safe and valued. Our work is evolving as we accelerate our efforts to combat racism and sustain our work for racial justice and equity.

Equity & Anti-Racism Statement

Racism has no place at Gallaudet University. Racism dehumanizes our BIPOC community members with audism and other-isms.

Gallaudet University recognizes that it is not enough to simply say racism is unacceptable from our community members or on our campus. Therefore, we are taking measurable steps to be anti-racist––actively advocating for racial equity and taking a firm stand against racial inequity.

Gallaudet University recognizes that community members are on a continuum of self-awareness, knowledge, and skills related to racial identity development, emotional intelligence, and the historical and societal implications of race and racism. We also recognize that racial bias can be unconscious or unintentional but still causes harm that needs repair.

Therefore, all members of our community are expected to act mindfully and intentionally, honoring the humanity of all, treating them with dignity and respect.

Gallaudet University continually develops and implements strategies that confront, challenge, and dismantle systemic racism within all departments, divisions, schools, and units.

Gallaudet University commits significant resources to anti-racism education, race-based research, and reform.

Gallaudet University students, faculty, staff, and board of trustees are obligated to report any actual or alleged instances of racism (2.28 Anti-Discrimination Policy).

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Belonging and Equity Imperatives

We are grateful for all the students, faculty, advocates, and leaders who have come forward to express their very personal stories of pain and suffering and share their concerns and suggestions.

Our six imperatives guide our everyday choices. They set our sights on the future to make a better world and a better Gallaudet.

We will continue to listen to and engage black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) community members, including the student, staff, and faculty organizations at Gallaudet and outside of Gallaudet.

Complex. Diverse. Strong.

Deaf / Hard of hearing




new hires

Promotions / Reclassifications



You Belong. Let Your Voice Be Heard.

The Division of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion brings together Gallaudet students with a goal to understand, encourage, and support the inclusion and educational success of students who belong to underrepresented communities.