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2010 Northeast Region Results

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Number of Regional Teams: 76 

Number of National Teams: 16

National Competition teams:

American School for the Deaf (Northeast)
California School for the Deaf, Fremont (West)
Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind (West)
EDCO @ Newton North High School (Northeast)
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (Southeast)
Indiana School for the Deaf (Midwest)
The Learning Center (Northeast)
Maryland School for the Deaf (Mid-Atlantic)
Metro Deaf School (Midwest)
Model Secondary School for the Deaf (Mid-Atlantic)
Mountain Lakes High School (Mid-Atlantic)
New Mexico School for the Deaf (West)
Ohio School for the Deaf (Midwest)
Tucson Area Public Schools (West)
University High School (West)
White Station High School (Southeast)

Webcast Link for Championship and Third Place matches:

National Championship match:

Maryland SD defeated Minnesota North Star (Metro Deaf School)

Third Place match:

CSD Fremont defeated Florida SDB

Most Outstanding Player:

Bri Herold, Senior, Metro Deaf School

Maryland SD Team Roster:

Todd Bonheyo
Christy Hediger
Andrew Biskupiak
Asher Kirschbaum
Ethan Sonnenstrahl
Maryland SD

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