On February 10, Dr. Christian Vogler was appointed to serve as a Representative Member on the Federal Communication Commission’s Disability Advisory Committee (DAC). The DAC is the Commission’s inaugural advisory committee established to advise the agency on communications access issues for individuals with disabilities.

In addition to acting as director of Gallaudet University’s Technology Access Program (TAP), Dr. Vogler is a principal investigator within the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This research maintains a particular focus on the next generation of Internet-enabled and mobile devices. Dr. Vogler passionately believes that deaf and hard of hearing people have only scratched the surface of what is possible with the new communication technologies and that the most exciting technological developments are still to come.

As a DAC Representative Member, Dr. Vogler will serve a two-year term and attend at least three one-day plenary committee meetings each year. Additionally, he will have the opportunity to participate in the DAC’s subcommittees. This appointment to the DAC will allow Dr. Vogler to share his expertise on communications issues that affect people with disabilities.

The DAC also includes many members who are Gallaudet alumni or who attended Gallaudet including:

  • Suzy Rosen Singleton, E-’88 (Alternate Designated Federal Officer)
  • Andrew Phillips, ’06 (Chair)
  • Eddie Martinez, ’05 ’12
  • Al Sonnenstrahl, E-’87
  • Nancy Rarus, ’62
  • Bryen Yunashko, E-’89
  • Claude Stout, ’78 G-’80

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