“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
~ Author unknown

Discovery Philosophy

The Personal Discovery Program believes that all people and all life are interconnected. What happens to one happens in some way to all other aspects of life. The more we learn to understand, appreciate, and respect each other and all life and to understand the interconnectedness of life, the easier it will be to become a unit of oneness. Each has been given special talents that gives each a uniqueness. The real growth and strength come when all are open to each other and learn to share and use each other’s “gifts” abilities for the betterment of the whole. As we, the world, learn to cherish and respect all life, we will raise to a higher state of living and being. This journey must be based on respect, truth, trust, openness, caring, accepting responsibility, valuing, and the giving, and accepting of support.

Discovery Goal

Our objective as Discovery staff is to help build bridges that make it possible for people to travel inward as well as outward. The outward bridges are meant to help individuals connect to individuals as well as to groups and to communities. People can learn to travel within to find answers and understanding about themselves by finding quiet times to do introspective thinking and find personal truths. Truths are found within oneself as well as from those around us and from nature. Bridges are built between people and communities when truth, respect, and understanding exist between individuals and communities and with nature.

Personal Discovery Program

The Personal Discovery Program is about learning. Using stories, quotes, sharing personal experiences, problem solving, facing physical challenges, and creating new events and new solutions learning takes place. Participants learn about themselves, each other, the importance of respect and valuing, sharing ideas and listening, experimenting, compromising, trusting, giving support, leading and following, and appreciating and cherishing. The program takes place within a physically and emotionally safe environment which is created by the staff and students together. Having fun and recognizing the contributions each person brings to the group enhances the learning process and the bonding that occurs within each group. The participating staff not only lead, mediate, and provide safety, but they also participate and learn. An environment where everyone is respected, and all are learning is the ideal environment in which growth and the development of self-sufficiency can take place.

No activity is ever forced on an individual. All Discovery programs are based on a “challenge by choice” concept. A person will try when ready. The experience must be the individual’s not the groups or the facilitators. By respecting where each person is physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually, the group grows and becomes empowered. By truly caring about everyone in the group and making every effort to meet the needs of each individual and the needs of the group, the facilitator/teacher also grows. The Discovery programs are an adventure in growing, trusting, living, learning, and appreciating life.

Further information about the program please contact:

Sarah B. Doleac ‘Sb’

Director of Personal Discovery Program & Rock Gym

Personal Discovery staff application will be posted shortly.

Interested in becoming a Personal Discovery staff member? You will work during summer programs scheduled for 2022 and assist the director on requested team building programs for on campus groups or outside organizations. Assist with Outdoor Experiential Learning, Introd. to Team Build & Rope Course, Advanced team Build & Rope Course, and possibly Rock-Climbing classes for field trips during the school semesters.

Interested to apply for the Discovery staff position. Please contact me at Contact here

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Personal Discovery Program

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