PhD in Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin
MA in Teaching English and Spanish as a Second Language, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Mexico)
BA in English, Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

I earned my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin, and I came to Gallaudet in 2007. I teach Spanish as a Second Language as well as politics, culture, history, and literature of Latin America and Spain.


Currently Teaching

GSR-220 Methods of Multiples Disciplines Credits: 4
GSR-300 General Studies Capstone Credits: 4
SPA-111 Basic Spanish I Credits: 4
SPA-112 Basic Spanish II Credits: 4
SPA-212 Spanish Through Film Credits: 3
WLC-314 Topics in Language Diversity Credits: 3
WLC-380 The Latino Presence in the United States Credits: 3
WLC-384 U.S. Latino Literature Credits: 3
WLC-499 Independent Study Credits: 1-3

Contact Me

Roberto Herrera

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