Meredith Peruzzi

Museum Coordinator

202-618-6755 (videophone)

202-651-5842 (text)


Meredith Peruzzi joined the National Deaf Life Museum team in August of 2013; since January of 2014, she has been the museum's director, following the retirement of founder and Director Emerita Dr. Jane Norman.

Meredith received a B.A. in Deaf Studies with a minor in History from Gallaudet University.  Her University Honors project focused on the first years of campus history, from 1857 to 1880.  She received her M.A. in History from George Mason University in 2018, with concentrations in U.S. History and Applied History. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Leicester, where her research focuses on making museums more friendly for Deaf visitors.

A native of the Washington DC area, her first connection with the museum world was in 1991, as a volunteer for the now-defunct Baltimore City Life Museums. After her graduation from Gallaudet, she spent one year in Tokyo teaching American Sign Language for the Japanese ASL Signers Society.

Currently Teaching

COM-490 Visual Communication Credits: 3

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Meredith Peruzzi


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