Areas of Study
  • MPA-780 Human Resource Management (2020/01)(01)
  • MPA-839 Organization Theory & Design (2020/01)(01)
  • MPA-711 Basics of Management (2020/02)(01)
  • MPA-839 Organization Theory & Design (2020/02)(01)
  • MPA-713 Budgeting Public Sector/NonPro (2021/01)(01)
  • MPA-715 Economics for Managers (2021/01)(01)
  • MPA-799 Independent Study (2021/01)(01)
  • Advising Load 2021/01: Total:3 Masters:3
  • Crisis lifecycle, policy response, and policy effectiveness
  • Investment Liberalization, Credit Constraints, And International Trade
  • Structure and dynamics of global capital and international trade: Analysis of the relationship between exports and foreign direct investment (FDI) from 2001 to 2006
  • ‘We all want what’s best for our kids’
  • How We Rise: How social networks in Charlotte impact economic mobility
  • Skills and opportunity pathways: Building an inclusive workforce for the future
  • Trends in the Information Technology sector
  • Understanding the Impact of the Low Interest Rate Environment on Retirement Security in the United States: A Review of Academic and Practitioner Research
  • How We Rise: How social networks in Charlotte impact economic mobility- (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation via Brookings Institution PI: Dr. Camille Busette))
  • Student Admission Committee 2021/01-2021/02
  • Faculty Recruitment Committee 2021/01-2021/02
  • Professional Development Week, District of Columbia 2021/01-2021/02
  • American Society for Public Administration: January 2018
  • Association for Budgeting and Financial Management: January 2015
  • Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management: January 2016
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