Launched September 2022...

… enhanced daily!

Payroll, Time, and Absence

You no longer need to work within three systems for your payroll, time, and absence information. With Workday, information is now centralized in one system. When employees need additional help from HR, you’re able to submit a ticket through the ServiceNow portal, rather than emailing back and forth.

ServiceNow HR


Enrolling, viewing, and updating benefits information after a life event is now a straightforward and efficient process. Through Workday, you’reempowered to view and make updates to your benefits information on your own. The HR team is available to assist you with more complex inquiries and updates.


Workday provide more transparency in your interactions with finance and a quicker turnaround time for expense reimbursements.

Financial Planning

Budget season can be a busy time for your department! Workday enable faster and more collaborative financial planning, reporting, and analysis. This facilitates more accurate budgets and forecasts without the need for error prone Excel spreadsheets .


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