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The Nominations Are In for WORLDEAF Cinema Festival

The nominations are in for WORLDEAF Cinema Festival’s (WDCF) filmmaker award competition taking place November 4 through 7 on the Gallaudet campus. Out of 173 submissions from 132 filmmakers from 30 countries, the 11-member judging committee has selected 17 films from seven countries. The finalists will be shown in a series of screenings open to the public. A complete list of the nominated films is below.

Films were submitted in five professional categories, including Best Narrative, Best Documentary, Best Short, Best Mini-15, and Best Film about the Deaf Experience by a Hearing Filmmaker. The selection reflects the wide variety of subject matter and storylines created by deaf and hard of hearing filmmakers, as well as hearing filmmakers. From works just nine minutes long to full-length narratives, the nominated films depict fiction and non-fiction stories, not just about deaf culture and topics, but the overall human experience.

The chosen films will be shown during the conference’s daily film screenings that are open to the public (ticket information below). Winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony on November 6.

“The films chosen are true examples of what deaf cinema has to offer,” said Dr. Jane Norman, WDCF chair. “We wanted to bring the deaf experience to a mainstream audience while also showcasing the level of talent of these filmmakers. Their stories tell and show how powerful deaf cinema is, and we hope that people come and enjoy these extraordinary films.”
Tickets for the daily screenings are now on sale online on the WDCF website and at the Gallaudet University Box Office, located at Elstad Auditorium.
Nominated films follow.
Category: Best Narrative

Film NameDescriptionLengthCountryFilmmaker/s
Exhibit Year of 1827A Czech tourist, Frank, on a seemingly innocent holiday, inadvertently catches mafia individuals in action through his video camera.87:20:00Czech RepublicProducer: AWI Films Director: Kamil Pansky
Music is Not EverythingA guy has a dream of being a musician, but he suddenly becomes deaf and faces an unscrupulous cochlear implant doctor84:35:00SwedenProducer: Bull Heart Films Director/Writer: Gergin Simeonov
GeraldCorey, a young man, yearns for kinship he never had. One day he discovers he has a deaf autistic grandfather. A twist of events leads to shocking truths.101:23:00USAProducer/Director: Mark Wood

Category: Best Documentary

Film NameDescriptionLengthCountryFilmmaker/s
I’m Deaf and I Didn’t Know itThis is a story of a deaf woman’s journey toward discovering her identity.70:02:00FranceProducer: PDJ Production Director: Igor Ochronowicz Writer: Sandrine Herman
Anna’s Silent StruggleA young deaf filmmaker, Tom, searches for answers to what happened to deaf Jews during the war, and he chances upon the story of Anna, one of the few deaf people who survived Auschwitz.55:58:00AmsterdamProducer: AVA Productions Directors: Tom Linszen and Willy Lindwer
American De’VIA Artist: Chuck Baird and His JourneyDeaf artist Chuck Baird reflects on social changes in the deaf world. Baird struggled with his deaf identity and eventually became one of the founding members of the De’VIA art movement.47:07:00USADirector: Tracey D. Salaway

Category: Best Short

Film NameDescriptionLengthCountryFilmmaker/s
Catch SantaA comedy about two hearing burglars who rob homes of deaf families on Christmas Eve.27:30:00USADirector: Kamau Buchanan
Deaf in Pink: 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego The story follows seven deaf women as they stride, laugh, cry, and triumph during their
three-day Susan G. Komen Walk.
23:38:00USAProducer/Director: Laura Harvey
The Ants and the GrasshopperThe traditional dream for people is just to work hard for a company until they retire and then to enjoy their hobbies. Shingo, the main character, shows both sides of the ants and the grasshopper, when he is suddenly fired.39:29:00JapanProducer: Deaf Movie Entertainment Prodia Director: Nobuhiro Ohdate
The FingerspellersA comedy about a family of deaf gangsters who protect themselves through the power of sign language.26:57:00EnglandDirectors: William Marger and Charles Swinbourne

Category: Best Mini-15

Film NameDescriptionLengthCountryFilmmaker/s
The Deaf ManThe film addresses the destiny of deaf people in an age of technological improvements such as the cochlear implant. A man is held against his wishes by an unseen narrator who questions the man’s choices as a deaf individual.9:04:00USAProducer: Jules Dameron Writer/Director: David Kurs
Hands SoloA story about “The Porn Star With the Midas Touch.” What if a deaf man became an internationally famous porn star? Hands Solo is a comedic mockumentary about a deaf man who does just that–all because he is very, very good with his hands.14:54:00EnglandProducers: Colin Pons and Scott James Bassett Director: William Mager Writer: Charlie Swinbourn
Tara‘s StoryA film about Gallaudet’s 2006 protest through the eyes of one of the student leaders, Tara. The protests ignite a new direction fueled by a common belief among students.13:10:00USAProducer/Director/Writer: Melissa Malzkuhn

Category: Best Film about the Deaf Experience by a Hearing Filmmaker

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Film NameDescriptionLengthCountryFilmmaker/s
Signs of the Time

Where did the signs of baseball come from? In explaining this simple question, Signs of the Time unveils stories of inspiration that transcend sports. The film introduces two men at the center of this controversy and investigates our need to overcome barriers of communication with those around us.

59:46:00USAProducer/Director: Don Casper
Universal SignsAfter the death of his fiancée’s daughter while in his care, Andrew (Anthony Natale) is tormented by memories and self-blame. Through new love, Andrew is able to sense the life around him.100:58:00USAProducer: Catherine Miller
A film following four well-known deaf entertainers in the deaf community: a comic, a drummer, an actor, and a singer in their attempts to cross over to mainstream audiences.93:51:00USAProducer/Director: Hilari Scarl
IngeloreThrough Ingelore’s eyes, we see how the Nazis take her father and then release him from Dachau. Ingelore, a deaf woman, talks about how she was raped by Nazi cadets on the street of Berlin. Her story demonstrates the power of light over darkness.40:05:00USAProducer/Director/Writer: Frank Stiefel

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