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Trees Inventoried on Campus

On Arbor Day, April 27, 2018, Gallaudet University volunteers worked with representatives from Casey Trees to conduct an inventory of the trees on campus. This marked the third consecutive year that Casey Trees came to campus and helped with the care and documentation of the trees.

Many of the trees on campus had not been surveyed for their health, size, or species before Casey Trees started doing this three years ago. During the surveys, volunteers collect important information about the trees on campus.
The information collected helps Casey Trees better manage the trees, plan future tree plantings, and quantify their values.

During this year’s survey, volunteers received brief, hands-on training on-site,
and were then split into various task groups. The groups documented tree species, height, trunk diameter, crown width, overall health, and more.
‘Green Gallaudet,’ an environmentally conscious organization on-campus,
partnered with Casey Trees for this tree inventory event.
Students volunteered to take tree measurements, including height, trunk diameter, etc.

Before being divided into task groups, volunteers were given a refresher course,
and reference sheets to indicate tree health and species type. 

All photos by Zhee Chatmon.

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