Areas of Study

Candidates in the Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Deaf Education can complete courses in birth- 5 ASL/English bilingual early childhood education, which emphasize advocacy, language planning, pedagogy, assessment, program planning, and theory and practices in ASL/English bilingual early education.

In alignment with the Department of Education’s mission, the program also emphasizes culturally relevant critical pedagogy as a goal for the candidates to become change agents and leaders in advocating for and educating deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.

Some courses* in birth-5 ASL/English bilingual early childhood education are:

  • EDU 760 Foundations of Policy and Legislative on Bilingualism: Implications for ASL/ENG Bilingualism for 0-5 (3 credits)
  • EDU 761 Theoretical Perspectives of ASL/ENG Bilingual Education for 0-5 (3 credits)
  • EDU 762 Early Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development of Bilingualism (3 credits)
  • EDU 763 Assessment and Individualized Planning in ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood (3 credits)
  • EDU 764 Applications in ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education for 0-5 (3 credits)
  • EDU 765 The Family Collaboration and Partnership: The ASL/ENG Bilingual Lens (3 credits)

*courses are online, asynchronous unless otherwise noted

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Specialist (Ed.S.) in Deaf Education



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