International Affairs (IA) is undergoing a redesign and reorganization to better serve as an institution-wide resource in the implementation of Gallaudet University’s Internationalization Lab (IZN), using its Stage 1 planning report as a guide, and incorporating the University’s “Connect, Discover, & Influence” credo into the proposal.

In the interest of developing clear communication with global organizations that contact Gallaudet University expressing interest in exploring the possibility of forming partnerships, seeking learning or research opportunities for scholars, or seeking the University’s expertise,

In addition, IA is implementing G.O.A.L. to analyze opportunities for partnerships with foreign entities. In addition, IA is calling for volunteers with knowledge of a certain country or region of the world to share their expertise in this endeavor.

The University’s leadership feels It is crucial for Gallaudet to have an official, authorized point of contact to take the lead in order to determine an appropriate course of action in deciding if a proposed initiative fits with the University’s mission and resources, if it is sustainable, and it holds potential benefit to Gallaudet’s Internationalization goals. To date, the common practice has been for a multitude of campus units and individuals to initiate dealings with or respond to inquiries from foreign entities. This often results in miscommunication, which frequently leads to frustration, misunderstanding, and unrealistic expectations.

Directing all international matters to IA will reduce potential confusion between parties. It is believed that, with IA’s leadership, Gallaudet can foster beneficial and multifaceted relationships among campus units and foreign entities.

G.O.A.L. will closely scrutinize potential partnerships to determine their likelihood in bolstering strategic recruiting, study abroad opportunities, research exchanges, and other ways that benefit the University and enhance its Internationalization objectives. While forming new partnerships is important to Gallaudet’s interests, the University will continue to be mindful of its prior commitments and ensure there are adequate resources for implementation and post agreement management.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering their global knowledge is encouraged to contact Contact here and their name will be added to IA’s database.

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