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MIUSA is a disability-led non-profit organization headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, USA advancing disability rights and leadership globally.®

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Gallaudet University International Student Scholarship

The International Student Scholarship provides limited financial assistance to qualified, deserving, deaf international students who are enrolled in a degree-granting program at Gallaudet University to help ensure they have the financial means to complete their degree and graduate.

Nippon World Deaf Leadership (WDL) Fund

The WDL Scholarship, funded by the Nippon Foundation of Tokyo, Japan, makes it possible for deaf and hard of hearing leaders from developing nations to attend Gallaudet University. WDL aims to empower selected individuals through the knowledge, skills, and aspirations that a higher education brings so that they can make significant contributions to their deaf community and nation. The scholarship covers tuition, room, board, and medical insurance, and provides an annual stipend for expenses such as books, supplies, laundry service, personal products, and local transportation

Contact person: Ben Mutisya Nzyuko
Website:  WDL

Non-Gallaudet Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship Search Engines:


Canadian Students

StudentAid BC – British Columbia, Canada

StudentAid BC helps with the cost of post-secondary education through student loans, grants, and scholarships. It also has programs that help with loan repayment.

Contact Person: Carol Caldwell
Website:  StudentAidBC

Ontario Student Assistance Program – Ontario, Canada
OSAP has a combination of grants and loans for eligible students from Ontario, Canada, to provide them tuition assistance at Gallaudet. Before OSAP assesses an applicant’s eligibility for funding, Gallaudet is required to complete a document providing OSAP information about education-related costs using the Program Information Form (PIF).

Contact person: Samantha Boland
Website:  OSAP

Potential Financial Assistance in your country

>>>> If you require financial assistance for your studies, please explore and reach out to potential sources such as scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, grants, donors, sponsors, or loans available through your university or college. Additionally, consider exploring options from governmental bodies or seeking support from personal sources like friends or family in your country.

After Gallaudet Acceptance

>>>> After you are admitted to Gallaudet, if you want to apply for funding, contact: Jarvis Grindstaff for the form. There is very limited funding available

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