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You can only delete a study in Cayuse Human Ethics if you have not submitted an initial submission for it. If a submission has already been submitted, you will need to submit a “Withdrawal” submission.

  • Are any submissions associated with your study? If not, go to the next step. Otherwise, take these three actions.
    • Click “Submissions” on your sidebar, and locate the relevant submission.
    • Click “Delete” on the Submission Details page.
    • Click “Delete” again in the popup to delete your submission.
  • If you did not have a submission:
    • Click “Studies” on your sidebar, and locate the relevant study.
    • Click “Delete,” and choose “Delete” again in the popup. The study has now been deleted.
  • You also have the option of choosing “New Submission” and clicking “Withdrawal.” This is the route you must take if your submission was already submitted to the IRB Staff.

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