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Dr. Clifton Langdon, G-’09 & PhD ’14, assistant professor, PhD in Educational Neuroscience Program, and Jelica Nuccio (MPH), founder of Tactile Communications attended the White House to represent Gallaudet University and the Tactile Mind at an event co-hosted by Stanford Medicine X on partnerships in research on June 2, 2016.

The Tactile Mind, headquartered at Gallaudet, is a network of scientists, scholars, and community leaders drawn together by a mutual interest in the Pro-tactile movement. The Pro-tactile movement is based on the idea that all human activity can be realized via touch-that hearing and vision are not necessary for such things as navigation, social interaction, and communication. As a result of this movement, new communities have begun to form. New norms, values, and practices are being established and a new tactile language is emerging.

At the White House, Langdon and Nuccio shared these exciting developments with entrepreneurs, educators, policy makers, government officials, publishers, and researchers. They highlighted the value of collaborations between DeafBlind and sighted researchers in creating new knowledge in many different fields.
Published June 29, 2016

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