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Roving Reporter: As a lifelong “Gallaudetian,”* what is your advice to new students and employees on the best ways to get to know the Gallaudet community?

There is no place like Gallaudet. Get out of your comfort zone and be involved by being an active and contributing community member. Try something new often and you’ll be surprised who you meet and what you learn. Jennifer Yost Ortiz, graduate of Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES), the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD), and Gallaudet University, and current manager of Public Relations and Publications, Clerc Center. (Pictured today, as an MSSD student, and as a KDES student)

The best way to get to know the community is to attend the many events we have on campus! It could be a sporting event, or plays and performances at Elstad. Of course, check out daily to find out what is happening. There is always something going on campus. Darian Burwell, former KDES student, graduate of Gallaudet University, and current director of student success, First Year Experience. (Pictured today and as a KDES student) Immerse yourself in life on Kendall Green – check out the Archives, thumb through Tower Clock yearbooks, and learn more about the Gothic buildings. Take time to chat with long-time employees and alumni who are proud Gallaudetians! Michael Weinstock, graduate of MSSD and Gallaudet University and current director of the Department of Athletics. (Pictured today and as an MSSD student)

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