Important Deadlines

September 30 – Graduate Applications Open

December 31 – Application Fee Waiver deadline

January 1 – Clinical Psychology Application Deadline

January 15 – School Psychology Application Deadline

February 1 – Audiology and Counseling Application Deadline

February 15 – General Applicants Date of First Consideration*

March 1 – M.A. in Sign Language Education (MASLED) Application Deadline

May 30 – International admits deadline to submit Certificate of Finances

*Program deadlines may vary. Go to the Requirements by Program pages to find out what the deadline is for your program.

As you apply, refer to our Application Guidelines. Also visit Application Instructions to learn how to use the online application system. Be sure to check for specific requirements for your program.

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Special Students

Learn about the application process for graduate special students interested in taking courses without pursuing a specific graduate degree.

International Applicants

Learn about the application process for international graduate students

Veteran Students

Gallaudet has long been committed to America’s veterans. The Application Guidelines contains some information about our Yellow Ribbon Program. 

Applying for multiple programs

You can apply for multiple programs, but you must send a separate application for each program. Work with Graduate admissions if you plan to pursue multiple degrees at the same time. Read more about the dual degree application process in the Application Guidelines.

Admissions Requirements by Program

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) requirement is currently suspended for all graduate programs unless otherwise noted within the graduate program's requirements. Au.D. in Audiology Certificate in Deaf Studies Global Leadership in Deaf-centered DiDRR & Emergency Planning Certificate Early Intervention Studies Certificate Certificate in Sexuality and...

Graduate Admissions

Guideline Type: Requirements

Application Guidelines

Did you know that Gallaudet's graduate school attracts people who want to work within the deaf community? We train future teachers, social workers, American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf studies professionals, ASL linguists and countless other professionals. Identify your program(s). Learn specific application requirements for...

Graduate Admissions

Guideline Type: Registration

Check Your Application Status

You are encouraged to check the status of your application anytime during the process to find out whether we have received all the necessary documentation including your test results, recommendation letters, and transcripts. Log into the Self-Service Center and click on the Applications tab. You...

Graduate Admissions

Guideline Type: Registration

Graduate School Application Instructions

Go to Graduate Application Portal to find the application for the program(s) you want to apply to. Register your account in the Self Service Center, or log in. Complete all parts of the application. If you cannot complete it at once, you can save the...

Graduate Admissions

Guideline Type: Instructions

Graduate Special Students

Graduate special students are U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have earned a bachelor's degree and wish to take graduate courses without pursuing a program leading to an advanced degree. Anyone wishing to register for a graduate class must apply and be accepted for graduate...

Graduate Admissions

Guideline Type: Registration

International Applicant Requirements

Applicants from countries where B.A.-level training is available in the area for which application is being made to Gallaudet should have a bachelor's degree to be considered for admission. In addition, applicants must meet the admission requirements stated previously. Applicants from countries where no bachelor's...

Graduate Admissions

Guideline Type: Registration

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