image of paper clip on top of two blue rectangles, one of which is set at an angle. Text: Gallaudet Fulbright faculty scholars

Did you know that Gallaudet ranks as a top producer of U.S. Fulbright Fellows?

Ceil Lucas at her desk, smiling at the camera.

Ceil Lucas

Department of Linguistics

Year: 2009

Place: Italy

Fulbright Project:Dr. Lucas was based at the Siena School for Liberal Arts, teaching aspects of sociolinguistics to American students studying there for their junior year. Dr. Lucas will also be working with members of the Italian Deaf community and LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpreters, developing and presenting workshops on topics of interest to them and consulting on research projects.

Deb Chen Picler -- appears to be a passport photo

Deb Chen Pichler

Department of Linguistics

Year: 2008


Fulbright Project:Dr. Chen Pichler carried out a short term Fulbright Senior Specialist grant in Zagreb, Croatia in the summer of 2008. She taught courses on sign language acquisition and bilingual education for Deaf children at the University of Zagreb and collaborated with Croatian colleagues on sign linguistics projects.

Steve Collins looking to the side, smiling.

Steven Collins

Department of Interpretation

Year: 2000-01

Place: Italy

Fulbright Project:Dr. Collins worked with the families of deaf-blind children and conducted numerous workshops on deaf-blind issues.

Barbara Gener De Garcia looks at the camera. Picture is taken outdoors.

Barbara Gerner De Garcia

Department of Educational Foundations and Research

Year: 1999

Place: Brazil

Fulbright Project:Dr. Gerner De Garcia was a Scholar/Researcher and taught a graduate course at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, and did research on a literacy program for deaf adults with limited or no literacy in Portuguese.

Raychelle Harris wearing a dark red top smiles at the camera. Behind her is a painting of sailboats on the water

Raychelle L. Harris

Department of Interpretation

Year: 1998-99

Place: Italy

Fulbright Project: Ms. Harris worked with Italian sign language teachers and school teachers on various teaching techniques, such as assessment, grading, teaching approaches, curricula and activity development. (Student Fulbright.)

Paul Dudis, with a blue shirt

Year: 1998-99

Place: Italy

Fulbright Project:Dr. Dudis conducted research in Italy on the structure of LIS (Italian Sign Language. (Student Fulbright.)

Sharon Barnartt sits in front of a bookshelf.

Year: 1989-90


Fulbright Project:Dr. Barnartt served as the liaison between the University of Zimbabwe and the Teachers’ College in Masvingo. Dr. Barnartt also taught university courses and conducted research in the special education teacher training program located in Bulawayo.

Robert E. Johnson, hoding a fishing rod off the road, in a dry landscape. Mountains are behind him.

Year: 1989


Fulbright Project:Dr. Johnson worked with a linguist on the description of LSA, the sign language of Argentina.

Joe Kinner in front of a mantle with various pieces behind him -- possibly African

Year: 1985-87


Fulbright Project:Dr. Kinner’s program was to interview the pioneers of Nigerian Broadcasting, those who were trained by the British and who broadcast the country’s independence in 1960. Dr. Kinner published an article based on this research.

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