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What is ACCEs?

Screening for and preventing Adverse Childhood Communication Experiences (ACCEs) can tremendously improve the future of deaf and hard-of-hearing children’s access to language and engagement in family conversations and health to reduce their risks of chronic diseases and mental health disorders in adulthood.

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Watch a video explaining how the study explores adverse childhood communication experiences and their risks for acquiring specific chronic diseases and mental health disorders later in life

An inclusive environment requires an accessible and language-rich communication for the child and caregivers.


Increased awareness of adverse childhood communication experiences as unique contributors to specific health outcomes is needed so that interventions and policies can be targeted to prevent language deprivation and communication neglect that can potentially impact DHH individuals’ health.

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Press Release

In the first-of-its-kind nationwide study funded by the National Institues of Health, researchers from the Center for Deaf Health Equity found that adverse childhood commmunication experience are associated with increased risks for multiple chronic diseases in deaf and hard of hearing adults.

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Center for Deaf Health Equity

The Center for Deaf Health Equity (CDHE) at Gallaudet University is a deaf-led research center that conducts rigorous research that lays the foundation for better health-related quality of life among deaf and hard-of-hearing people who use American Sign Language (ASL).


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Adverse Childhood Communication Experiences

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