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Gallaudet University’s Center for Continuing and Online Education is proud to have presented this two-part webinar series on visual depiction strategies. Led by Alisha Bronk and Niesha Washington-Shepard, these webinars coverered language development in American Sign Language, depiction identification and categorization, and the use of ASL depictions as a way to “unstick English”. They explained the rules underlying depictions use, modeled the production of depictions in ASL and the value of enhancing their skills with ASL depictions, and used spatial features to maximize one’s ability to learn and to develop visualization of English concepts. By comparing spoken English and ASL, Alisha and Niesha demonstrated how participants can go between concepts readily understood in English and their visual description in ASL. The webinars focused on specialized medical depictions, storytelling, and STEM.

This is a set of two live webinars on the topic of visual depiction strategies and American Sign Language, and they will be delivered in ASL with English voice interpretation and captions. The format of these Zoom webinars will be 90 minutes long. They are divided into four parts: (1) Introductions: 5 minutes, (2) Main lecture: 50 minutes, (3) Q & A: 30 minutes (this will be moderated and translated into ASL from Q & A Panel in Zoom), and (4) Wrap up: 5 minutes.


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