Our solar installation is undergoing final testing and will be officially turned on soon! Solar power is an important component of Gallaudet’s microgrid project, which will allow the University to generate clean energy, improve campus resiliency, significantly reduce energy costs, and bring in revenue. 

To date, almost 3,500 solar panels have been installed across seven buildings. Over the coming months, we plan to install even more panels on campus. When the project is fully complete, Gallaudet’s solar arrays will generate enough electricity to power approximately 400 homes.  

Gallaudet’s solar arrays are unique in that most of the power generated by the solar panels will be sold into the District of Columbia’s Community Solar program. With this program, Washington D.C. residents, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses can subscribe to Gallaudet’s solar arrays and receive a credit on their electricity bill. This arrangement brings revenue to the university while providing critical resiliency benefits in the event of a grid outage.   

How can you subscribe to Gallaudet’s solar arrays?   

If you live in Washington, D.C. and are interested in subscribing to Gallaudet’s community solar project, please visit For general information about the Community Solar program in D.C., visit the Solar Initiatives page on the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment website. If you do not live in the District or want to see other community solar projects in D.C., visit the EnergySage site to see if community solar is available in your area. 

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