Our Gallaudet football team makes history...again!

In 1894, we made history when Paul Hubbard invented the huddle. Today, in 2023, we are making history again with the first-ever 5G-connected football helmet.

AT&T helmet with vintage huddle in background
ATT handshaking president at football game for new helmet

Kellyn Smith Kenny, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, AT&T (right) congratulates Roberta J. Cordano, President, Gallaudet University (middle) and Warren Keller, ’10, Athletic Director, Gallaudet University (left)

On Thursday, October 5, AT&T and Gallaudet University unveiled the first-ever 5G-connected football helmet. This helmet was used for the first time in NCAA history on Saturday, October 5, when Gallaudet played Hilbert College.

The helmet contains a heads-up display. Gallaudet’s head coach uses a tablet computer with the team’s playbook installed on it. He sends plays to the quarterback over 5G, and the quarterback sees them in the display above his right eye. The quarterback then relays the play to his team. This results in instantaneous, clear communication and reduces mistakes and penalties.

There has been extensive media coverage of the helmet launch. The Associated Press, Good Morning America, and People first broke the story. Since then, it has appeared in hundreds of media outlets all over the country and the world. This webpage contains links to some of the major stories. It will be updated periodically.

The AT&T 5G-connected helmet will change football.

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