The Gallaudet Dance Company has performed at the White House, Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Egypt’s National Theater of Cairo and on stages from Israel to Korea.”

Gill-Doleac said the company is considered to be one of the most exciting groups presenting dance with ASL.

“The dancers come from diverse backgrounds, in terms of their upbringing, education, preferred mode of communication, and college major, but the members bond over a shared love and passion for dance,” said Gill-Doleac.

The 60th anniversary performance was dedicated to former director Dr. Diane Hottendorf. Gill-Doleac took over the company after Dr. Hottendorf retired in 2011. Gill-Doleac is the first deaf director of the company. Dr. Martha Sheridan, a professor of social work at Gallaudet and former dancer, said the university is fortunate to have Gill-Doleac in that role.
“She is one of the most positive and spirited people I know and her exuberance is contagious for dancers and audiences alike. She builds her dancers’ confidence, encourages their creativity, and inspires esprit de corps,” said Sheridan. “Her experience allows her to treasure and preserve the rich and unique cultural and choreographic heritage of the company across generations of dancers while allowing the company to continue to evolve.”

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