The Gallaudet Dance Company repertoire encompasses various dance forms, including jazz, tap, modern dance, and dance incorporating American Sign Language.

Performances can run from 15 minutes to two hours; a two-hour performance must contain an intermission.

Performance Fees

Fees for the Gallaudet Dance Company’s performances cover the cost of costumes, equipment, and arrangements. To give the best performance possible, we cannot perform with fewer than 12 dancers and two directors.

Before requesting a performance, please check and determine if you have the funding required. Funding requirements are as follows; specific details are negotiable. In the past, organizations sponsoring the dancers’ performances have been able to arrange discounted fares for travel and/or board and lodging. The company would be willing to work out exact prices with a travel agent. Our goal is to cover expenses.

On Gallaudet Campus

Fee: $300 to $500, depending on whether a meal is provided and on whether sound equipment and a sound technician are provided

Within 3-5 hours from Gallaudet

Fee: $1,000. (Providing either transportation to the performance location or a meal for 12 dancers and two directors (14 people) reduces the fee by $100; if both transportation and a meal are provided, the fee is reduced by $200, to $800.)

Between 3 and 5½ hours from Gallaudet

  • Fee: $1,000
  • Hotel or lodging: 7 to 9 double-occupancy rooms for 12-14 dancers and two directors
  • Meals: Two meals, or $100 to cover those meals

Beyond 5 hours from Gallaudet

  • Fee: $1,000
  • Transportation: Round-trip coach airfare for 12-14 dancers and two directors between Reagan National Airport and the city of performance; plus all ground transportation
  • Hotel or lodging: 7 to 9 double-occupancy rooms for 12-14 dancers and two directors
  • Meals: All meals

Facility and Equipment Requirements

  • A minimum performance area of 30 feet by 20 feet with a wood floor and a clean surface
  • Electrical outlets
  • Microphone(stage) or Bluetooth/wireless microphone
  • CD player/stereo speakers or Bluetooth sound system/speakers
  • Cable wires: iPhone/iPad cable/adapter hook up
  • Lighting: Stage lights on; house lights off
  • Stage monitors; two speakers
  • Dressing area for dancers, close to the performing area
  • Water bottles for the performers
  • Warm-up time in the performing area or in a practice area (green room) for one to three hours prior to show time

To book the Gallaudet Dance Company, please contact us

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Gallaudet Dance Company

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