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Online Degree Programs

Gallaudet University offers you an online experience

We make it easy to customize your academic experience with online Undergraduate and Graduate degree paths.

Free iPad Pro, MiFI (hotspot), and laptop loaners technologically advancing the learning experience.
CART captioning, used in an ASL/English Learning Management System.

Small class sizes, 8:1 Student-Faculty Ratio. Direct communication with professors via Blackboard and Zoom.

Skilled educators who excel in virtual teaching and learning. Rich multimedia experiences to meet every learning style.

Checklist for our Online Degree Applicants

There’s no better time to earn an online degree, certification, or credits from Gallaudet University than right now! Let our well-renowned faculty motivate, challenge, and inspire you while you grow and contribute in ways you never thought possible.

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For Online Degree:

*Applicable to all continuing education programs except for customized training programs.

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