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Deaf Organizations in the Netherlands

Dovenschap (Deafship)

Physical address:

de Molen 89a

3995 AW Houten

Mailing address:

Postbus 197

3990 DD Houten

TTY: +31 30 261 76 77

Voice: +31 30 297 08 00

SMS/Text: +31 30 261 76 77

Fax: +31 30 261 66 89

Description: Promotes the rights of deaf people to opportunity, quality of life, social equality, and accessibility. Provides online links to deaf-related resources in the Netherlands.


Youth Commission

Physical address:

De Molen 89a

3995 AW Houten

Mailing address:

Postbus 197

3990 DD Houten

Text: +31 30 261 76 77

Voice: +31 30 296 48 58

Fax: +31 30 261 66 89

Skype: jongerencommissie


Physical address:

p.a. Bureau AudCom, Chr. Krammlaan 8-10

3571 AX Utrecht

Mailing address:

Postbus 222, 3500 AE Utrecht

Phone: +31 30 276 99 02

Fax: +31 30 271 28 92

Description: Siméa is a platform for its members where knowledge, experience and opinions are exchanged. That knowledge is always in service of the various target groups for which members are employed.

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Slechthorenden (NVVS)

Dutch Association for Hearing

Physical address:

De Molen 89a

Mailing address:

PO Box 129

3990 DC Houten

Phone: +31 30 261 76 16

Fax: +31 30 261 66 89

Text phone: +31 30 261 76 77

Description: The NVVS is the national association for people who have hearing problems, hearing impairment, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to noise, Meniere’s disease, and more. The NVVS promotes and advocates for full inclusion in society of people who have hearing problems.

Stichting Plotsdoven

De Molen 89a

3995 AW Houten

Phone/Text and Fax: +31 30 695 87 19

Description: Stichting Plotsdoven is an advocacy group that has a special interest in deaf and lately deafened people. It organizes regional and national activities and promotes research on deafness. It also provides a network, access to information, and consulting.

Parents Organizations in the Netherlands

Nederlandse Federatie van Ouders van Dove Kinderen (FODOK)

De Molen 89a

PO Box 354

3990 GD Houten

SMS/Text: +31 30 290 03 60

Fax: +030 290 03 80

Description: The FODOK is a parent organization that represents the interests of children and their parents, provides information, and offers parents an opportunity to meet.

Vereniging Ouders van Dove Kinderen Noord

Association of Parents of Deaf Children North

Description: As a parent association, we commit ourselves for the support of the interests of all parents of deaf children and, of course, the deaf children themselves. Moreover, we organize regular activities for deaf children, their parents/guardians, and their hearing brothers and sisters.

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