Course Overview

VEE150 is centered around explicitly exploring our ASL and written English bilingual identities and skills, with the goal of maximizing impact in both languages and multiple modalities when disseminating research findings. 

Through the semester, students will conduct a research project pertaining to the specific topic of the course, as chosen by the instructor. The class will discuss and learn together ways of conducting research and their ethical implications, how to determine the appropriateness of various sources, and implications of options for sharing research findings with broader audiences. 

Woven within this experience, the class will also explicitly discuss how English and ASL have been, are, and can be used within academic contexts and when sharing research findings. These discussions will include consideration of Deaf communities and their experiences with academia, researchers, and information sharing, as well as a focus on ways to be creative with information and tailor presentation style, format, and language aspects to multiple intended audiences. 

ENG102/GSR102 and ASL125/GSR103

Credit: 3