Areas of Study

Course Overview

This course provides students an opportunity to earn academic credit by working behind the scenes in support of the design and technical aspects of a theatre production being mounted per semester. Students will develop practical skill sets and an essential knowledge of the logistics required for the successful mounting of a stage production by working in one of its related areas: stage management, scenery, lighting, costumes, props, technical production.

The student’s specific assignment will be made by the theatre faculty and/or technical director at the beginning of each production taking into consideration each student’s experience, their educational needs, and the technical needs of each production.

”This course counts toward the 6-credit Theatre Arts major/minor practicum requirement; students who have already satisfied this requirement may take it as major/minor elective credit. It may be taken as a free elective by students who are not Theatre Arts majors or minors, and it may be repeated without limit.

Permission of the instructor, gained through the assignment of a role behind the scenes ahead of the semester’s add/drop period during the first week.

Credit: 1-1