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My Job in an Apple Plant

By John Langan
From English Skills with Readings
Introduction/Thesis Working in an apple plant was the worst job I ever had.
Body First of all, the work was physically hard. For ten hours a night, I took cartons that rolled down a metal track and stacked them onto wooden skids in a tractor-trailer. Each carton contained twelve thirty-two-ounce cans or bottles of apple juice, and they were heavy. The second bad feature of the job was the pay. I was getting the minimum wage at that time, two dollars an hour, plus the minimum of a nickel extra for working the night shift. Even after working over sixty hours a week, I still did not take home much more than one hundred dollars. The worst feature of the apple plant job was the working conditions. During work, we were limited to two ten-minute breaks and an unpaid half hour for lunch. Most of my time was spent outside on the truck-loading dock in near-zero-degree temperatures. And I was very lonely on the job since I had no interests in common with the other truck loaders. I felt this isolation especially when the production line shut down for the night, and I worked by myself for two hours cleaning the apple vats. The vats were an ugly place to be on a cold morning.
Conclusion The job was a bitter one to have.

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