Areas of Study

Course Overview

This course is designed to explore the theory and practice of qualitative research at a graduate introductory level. As qualitative research has grown in prominence within the social sciences, it has taken many distinct forms. Hence a challenge for this course is to strike a balance between (1) discussion of broad theoretical issues and current debates concerning those issues, (2) exposure to the practice of at least one qualitative method, and (3) development of and consultation on individual research projects. In striving to attain that balance, the first portion of the course addresses general issues across qualitative approaches followed by an exploration of particular qualitative research methods. Student presentations and consultation on individual research topics also will be addressed during the course. Where appropriate, discussion will occur regarding the unique nature of conducting qualitative research with various multicultural groups, including those who identify as deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deafblind.

Enrollment in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program, successful completion of PSY712; or permission of instructor

Credit: 3