Areas of Study

Course Overview

Global Climate Change-related disasters are becoming more frequent and more severe, demanding specialists prepared to engage research, training, and leadership across a range of fields and service sectors. Taught by faculty from six university departments and programs, together with personnel from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, this course introduces students to climate change science, key concepts and activities involved in disaster management and emergency preparedness, and engages students in practical skill-building applications to gain experience toward four career-track areas: 1) Emergency First Responders; 2) Signed-Spoken language interpretation/translation in Disaster/Emergency settings; 3) Climate change and public health surveillance 4) Language and communication needs-assessment for deaf and disability advocacy and leadership in disaster crisis management and preparation. Each department/program will teach 2-3 course sessions, with a culminating project presentation for the campus community, FEMA, and other external partnering organizations.

Credit: 3