Areas of Study

Course Overview

This course will meet once a week for a two-hour intergroup dialogue discussion on topics related to social justice and diversity. Led by one instructor, this course will promote engaged interactive dialogue in an environment that is supportive of self-exploration and the understanding of diverse perspectives through interactive participation. The goal of this course is to develop comfort with and skill for discussion of difficult topics while fostering positive, meaningful, and sustained cross-group relationships. Students will be encouraged to engage in active watching/listening to gain insight as opposed to engaging in order to argue or debate. The intention is for students to engage with multi-cultural perspectives, develop increased intergroup awareness and sensitivity, and learn how to translate these to active civic engagement. A variety of topics will be covered in different sections each semester¿for example there may be Intergroup Dialogue sections on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and spirituality, and domestic and international students.

Credit: 1