Areas of Study

Course Overview

This course will provide an overview of hearing loss in America. Students will read articles and complete experiential activities to help them develop a broad understanding of the impact of hearing loss on U.S. citizens. A weekly open discussion on readings and program related assignments will be chat-room based with ongoing dialogue through the Blackboard-based discussion forum. Topics of this course will include demographics of hearing loss in the U.S., micro-, meso- and macro-impact of hearing loss on individuals with hearing loss and their family, friends and co-workers; economic cultural, healthcare and legal impact, related social policy and law. This course will be online. Learning approaches will include articles and book chapters, case studies, real time discussion, use of discussion forum and power point presentations. Projects which foster experiential learning will be incorporated for many objectives. Prerequisites: Acceptance to Gallaudet Peer Mentoring Program (RERC)

Credit: 2