Areas of Study

1:1 Meeting

The Ombuds Office provides one-on-one meetings for any member of the Gallaudet University community (students, staff, faculty, alumni, families of students, and so forth). The 1:1 meeting is a safe and confidential space where sensitive concerns/conflicts are discussed and clarified. This space is also non-judgemental and informal where we actively listen and collaboratively discuss strategies, options, and resources to address concerns.

Conflict Coaching

With the Ombuds, you will receive confidential conflict coaching to help you develop tools for managing conflicts/problems. This is an opportunity to explore different perspectives and support you in identifying the best plan for you. This is also an opportunity to consider multiple perspectives, various communication skills, and strategies for the next steps.


As needed, the Ombuds Office does informal mediation between two or more parties. Informal mediation is confidential and informal which differs from other formal processes which could impact the confidentiality of the individual/group’s process. Another key significance of informal mediation is its voluntary nature; all parties need to voluntarily agree to engage in this process. This process is to help the parties better understand each other’s viewpoints, develop options, and articulate some informal agreed-upon guidelines regarding how best to move forward. Before any mediation, all parties agree not to share what is said within the mediation outside of the process; at the conclusion, the parties can make decisions on what to share. As the mediator, the Ombuds focuses on facilitating communication and assisting in identifying satisfactory outcomes for all parties; we remain impartial and do not adjudicate, advocate, or determine the outcome of the mediation.

Shuttle Diplomacy

At times, parties during a conflict are not ready to meet in person or speak directly to one another. The Ombuds Office can support the parties by offering shuttle diplomacy; we become an intermediary and go back/forth between the parties until they are ready for a direct conversation after developing a better understanding of the conflict and each other’s needs. This process will also assist the parties in developing mutually satisfying outcomes either by a direct conversation or working solely through the Ombuds Office.

Group Conflict Facilitation

Facing conflicts, group conversations can be difficult to manage. The Ombuds Office can behave as a navigator by providing facilitation to help groups to manage difficult conversations. In a safe, informal, and confidential space supported by the Ombuds, group members can focus on important issues, better understand each other’s interests and goals, and collaboratively develop solutions. The Ombuds also ensures that everyone involved is respected and has the opportunity for participating in this process.

Conflict Resolution Training

The Ombuds Office believes in offering all members of the Gallaudet University community an opportunity to learn about managing conflicts. Thus, we offer a variety of training topics related to improving conflict management and communication skills, building relationships and team cohesion, fostering an understanding of various behavior/leadership styles, and more. Topics can be:

  • Active listening
  • Conflict basics
  • Initiating and engaging in difficult conversations
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Navigating the advisor/advisee and/or mentor/mentee relationships
  • Negotiation basics

The Ombuds Office also can develop training for you and your department/team. If you are interested in a presentation from us, please fill out this form.

Seeking Facilitators

The Ombuds Office is always looking for experienced facilitators from the University community and outside to help our facilitation work. The facilitators are screened based on the visitors’ preferences and needs. If you are interested in becoming one of our facilitators, please fill out the form here. If you have any questions about this process or the form, we would love to hear from you—please contact us.

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