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Students in the BAI program conduct research projects in the final semester of their studies prior to graduation. Using video and other data, the students analyze specific features of interpreting or translation and then give a public poster presentation of their findings.

The photos shown below are a few samples from the 2015 BAI student poster presentations. In addition, each of the BAI students’ names and links to their projects is provided below.


Abdiel Davila-Cruz

Interpreting Strategies When Gestures Occur in the American Sign Language (ASL) Source

View poster.


Page Green

A Comparison of Interpreting Teams: Are There Universals Across Team Make- up and Settings?

View poster.


Brice Boiles

ASL Presenters and Hearing Interpreters: A Equivalent Pace? A Study of ASL Register

View poster.


Sarah Grasso

An Investigation of Educational Interpreters in the Classroom: Are There More Instances of the ASL Feature “Constructed Action” in Elementary than Secondary Settings?

View poster.


Esther Fass

Conversational ProTactile vs. Interpreted ProTactile

View poster.

Laura Bappert

Comparing Classifier Usage Among Deaf and Hearing Interpreters in their Interpretations of Medical/Health Related Content

View poster

Holden Jasinksi

Fingerspelling Differences Between Deaf Individuals and Hearing Interpreters

View poster.

Takiya Lyles

Do ASL Interpreters Interpret Numeric Signs at a More Accelerated Rate Than Non-numeric ASL Signs When Numbers Occur in the Spoken English Source Language?

View poster.

Devon Lyons

Examining ASL Interpretations of the National Anthem: How Have the Interpretations Changed from the 1990s to now?

View poster.

Courtney Nimersheim

An Investigation of Repair and Clarification Strategies Used Within Deaf/Hearing Teams in Legal Settings

View poster.

Jennifer Smith

An Investigation of ASL to English Interpreting Strategies When Varied Signs Occur in the Source Message

View poster.

Tiffany Taylor

A Comparison of Transitions Used in ASL Interpreting and Transliterating: Are Transitions Triggered by Explicit or Implicit Cues from the Speaker?

View poster.

Daniel Vega

Strategies Deployed by Deaf Interpreters: Depiction, Indexing, and Fingerspelling

View poster.

Daniel Walters

A Comparison of Deaf Interpreters and Hearing Interpreters in Their Use of Classifiers When Interpreting Medical Context

View poster.

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2015 BAI Student Research Presentations


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