Course Overview

It is expected that every student complete at least one year of supervised research under the mentorship of an established researcher/faculty member. Students may complete this requirement during their full-time residency year (during the first three years of matriculation) in which the student is required to spend at least 15 hours per week in supervised research activity. This is to provide students with an opportunity to work with and learn from established researchers in transitioning previously acquired academic knowledge and skills to applied knowledge and skills. The main goal is to provide students with a sound overview of scientific research to prepare them to begin doctoral research. Students’ ability to apply the scientific method to speech, language, and hearing research will be advanced. Students will refine their ability to evaluate the research literature, formulate a research question, and develop a research design. Ideally, research practicum should culminate in one or more of the following: (1) submission of an article for publication, 2) submission for presentation at a referred conference, (3) pre-dissertation project or pilot data for their dissertation.

Matriculation as a HSLS PhD student, completion of the qualifying examination, completion of HSL 884, 885, and 886 (or equivalent) and permission of the advisor and department chair.

Credit: 1-1