Choose Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University is a place that many call home, because here, you always come first in your education and in your journey.

Your experience here is like no other university, where your peers and professors are just like you, and you can connect with others who communicate just like you. Discover a world of opportunity and growth here — choose Gallaudet!

Deaf people can relate to every single one of these scenarios!

Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

Like you, we always get interpreters that work for all of us, every time!… Really? Do we really? See for yourself.

Communicating respectfully.

Dealing with accommodations can be clunky and frustrating. Deaf/hard of hearing/deafblind people deserve a dignified and equitable experience, which many promise but don’t always deliver…

Quality and equity is important.

No stress! Best of Both worlds in American Sign Language (ASL) and English! So many Accessible Choices!

Did you know ASL is tru-biz a recognized language?

Did you know American Sign Language (ASL) is true-biz a language.

Bilingualism and beyond!

Why limit yourself in a one sided (language) university when you can expand your horizon in an immersed bilingual university!

Personal connections go a long way.

Thank you Zoom for helping us build our personal connections by seeing each other from far away!

More is not always better.

We acknowledge that not all universities have big classes. We are driving the point that big classes can be overwhelming for students who are deaf/hard of hearing by comparing possible class sizes.

Mining for knowledge should be an adventure, not a hassle.

We recognize that all university professors are unique. This video is merely to demonstrate the personalized techniques that professors at Gallaudet University apply in their classes for the deaf/hard of hearing students.

Every group project takes team effort to succeed.

While we appreciate the efforts of access to education at other universities, as deaf/hard of hearing experts, we know the best access to our education is direct communication.

Accommodate, not headache.

Because we know how important it is to receive a good education with preferred accommodations, we set up an office just for that! The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) is ready to work with you!

This whole virtual thing? Gallaudet has got this down.

No matter how we interact, nothing changes for us at Gallaudet, we understand and embrace the personal connections, even virtually.

Your opportunity to blossom- without obstacles.

We recognize and appreciate the accommodation efforts, however, this video is only meant to portray job readiness opportunities that deaf/hard of hearing students may face at other universities where they do not encounter at Gallaudet.

Other universities: degree. Us: value.

This is not to make any assumptions at other universities. Gallaudet is sensitive to the population who attend GU. Therefore we offer additional avenues to support their educational needs through grants and vocational rehabilitation to help them achieve their life dreams.

Be in the know with your financial aid.

Here at Gallaudet, we, at the Financial Aid Office, are committed to answering every question, whether it be in person, Video Phone (VP), or Zoom!

“Later” doesn’t work during emergencies.

While it is important to know the emergency steps to take care of yourself, the deaf/hard of hearing population shouldn’t be left in the unknown because the techniques to make the information accessible were not prepared beforehand.

Peers- your home away from home.

Gallaudet is making a point showing the contrast between having a direct connection with Peer Leaders than with an interpreter as a 3rd party. This video is a fictional creation of showing said contrast.

Work hard or work smart? We did the math.

For us deaf/hard of hearing students, we may feel we get our education’s worth by having direct communication accommodations furthering our full academic experience.

Your faces and names are remembered here!

Most, if not all, universities assign a student number to keep track of students’ academic journey from enrollment to graduation. We acknowledge the importance of this number but we have an unique way of connecting with students, by their sign names. 

Life in the capital and the heart of the nation.

Washington, D.C. has been the home of Gallaudet since 1864. Because of its existence, the surrounding areas have become more deaf friendly and increased deaf awareness in order to welcome and serve their deaf customers. Not many cities have this unique opportunity to do the same.

We support students in every step of their language journey.

While we appreciate other universities’ efforts to welcome deaf/hard of hearing and applying accommodations, Gallaudet gets it without needing to. As individuals who have been in their shoes, we know what it takes/is needed to support incoming deaf/hard of hearing students.

Emerging signers and eager beginners, no fear!

As orientation is offered at other universities to welcome new students, we at Gallaudet make the orientation specialized for deaf/hard of hearing students to reduce their juggling load

Gallaudet just got a research glow up.

We at Gallaudet are dedicated to better understanding the world and influencing policies and agendas that impact the deaf and hard of hearing community. This kind of research is unique in terms that it is deaf-centered and cannot be found elsewhere.

Gallaudet is global! People around the world find home here.

Gallaudet is a mecca for the Signing Ecosystem. At other universities, are sign languages from all over the world included? Here at Gallaudet, we embrace diversity in all aspects, especially language!

For the deaf by a deaf-led university, in one place

Feel nothing but relief learning Gallaudet wants to do everything we can to keep it simple and direct for you and your education by staying in one university where you will become family and succeed with the support systems we have in place for you.

An all around college experience without compromises.

At Gallaudet, you have the spotlight to be the expert on American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture. Here is where no one else will take your spotlight, not even the ASL Interpreters.

Bison pride is irresistable!

All universities have school spirit in their own unique way. Gallaudet makes it even more unique for students by providing accommodations for all to follow along with our Bison Spirit. This ensures our students are not left out.

About the campaign

At Gallaudet University, we know that one size does not fit all. Our light-hearted and occasionally comical #ChooseGallaudet campaign showcases how Gallaudet can customize your learning experience in ways that other schools can not. 

Meet ACME University- a generic big school that enrolls thousands of students every year! We probably have had some deaf students before… but here are some outstanding folks ready to work around… er… with you! ACME means well, but doesn’t always understand deaf people and what makes a true collegiate experience…
Meet Gallaudet University- an intimate, unique college in the heart of Washington DC that puts you first in your educational journey! Find your place to belong among people just like you, and get what you want from your collegiate experience. Gallaudet welcomes you to find your home here!